1410, 2017

Just a thought about grief – perhaps it will help

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A thought about grief
So tonight is Friday night and I’m sure many of you are out having fun and enjoying that Friday feeling, but I’m also pretty sure many people are sat there in a world of grief.

Im doing neither, however I am thinking about grief. I’m thinking about what grief means to me as […]

908, 2017

Messenger Group Therapy

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New Messenger Therapy
It came as quite a shock to me just how many people are not getting the help they need out there.

Working as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) therapist and personal/business coach, I realise just how many people are forced to quit therapy or join long waiting lists. The financial burden has caused so […]

3010, 2016

How observant are you?

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Being observant can affect every aspect of your life

What would you class as being observant? What do you notice during your day and why is it important?

Successful people are usually fantastic observers, observers of life. They see not only opportunities where others do not but they also see the smaller things in life that many of […]

2510, 2016

Have you reached that point? Rock bottom!

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Hitting rock bottom

Just when you think it’s time to stop or give up, it’s probably the time to actually start!

After years of striving for what you always wanted in what only now feels like a previous life, you can quite easily understand how people become tired.

People grow tired of Pursuing dreams when there have been a […]

1806, 2016

Is Anybody Listening?

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Where do you actually get to talk?

I mean really ‘Talk’

Talk about you and everything that surrounds you.
There’s talking and then there is really talking, you know, not the type where you speak a lot of words in someone’s direction and then they give the appropriate nods and ‘yehs’ at the right moment when you give […]

306, 2016

We limit ourselves

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For a while now I have been finding myself pushing the boundaries. When I say for a while, I mean most of my life!

I am in constant reflection or analytical state where I am able to ask myself questions frequently about my actions, feelings and emotions.

This is a large part of why I have been […]

2905, 2016

Use Your Brain & Achieve

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Neuroplasticity studies show that your brain actually grows and changes throughout your entire life, adjusting to your environment, lifestyle and emotions.

Practising something intensely, creates stronger neural pathways but it was once believed that the brain remained static and only changed during critical development periods of your life. Now scientists have even proved that new neurons […]

2305, 2016

Entrepreneurs vs Haters

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As Entrepreneurs or aspiring Entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to have a bundle of passion in what we believe in and a determination to get it but what we may not have noticed is our ‘why’
Not our ‘why’ as we’ve heard so many times before, as in our ‘need’ but our ‘why’ as in, […]