observant young womanBeing observant can affect every aspect of your life

What would you class as being observant? What do you notice during your day and why is it important?

Successful people are usually fantastic observers, observers of life. They see not only opportunities where others do not but they also see the smaller things in life that many of us miss.

Think about it! The lane closure ahead that you have noticed from afar, gives you time to plan and prepare your next move to make sure that you make a smooth transition. Others that stumble across the lane closure when the sign just appears right in front of them, rely heavily on everyone else around them to make sure that they survive the transition. These people have missed all the earlier warning signs, they have not been looking for any signs that give them information on what may lie ahead.

If it’s not in front of them or they haven’t been given the information loud and clear by someone else, they have not been aware of what they may not be aware of.

Being aware of what you might not be aware of

A bit of a mouthful but an important thing to bear in mind when thinking about observation.

It’s important to be aware of the things you are not aware of.

Basically, we all know that the path ahead will be full of surprises but being aware that there are pretty much always signs in life, can help people become more observant.

Being consciously in tune with your surroundings means that you give yourself much more of a head start in all areas of your life.

For example, someone who is always looking and planning ahead, will be able to see where most problems may arise before they arrive at the issue. By looking up the road you are just about to turn into, before you start turning the wheel gives you more time to mentally capture where the possible risks are.

You are walking into a bar and rather than be so focused on yourself and what you are about to order at the bar, you scan your surroundings on your way. You notice the young lady sat in the corner reading her book, the guy running down the stairs, the couple dancing romantically on the dance floor and the woman starring at you as you approach the bar. Now none of this information will seem relevant right now and perhaps it never will be but by observing your surroundings, when the environment changes, so can you.

Why is it important to change with your environment?

Being able to adapt to your environment is part of being observant. As human beings, we rely heavily on others; our engagement with others is very important and how we are accepted or interpreted. Communication is a major part, if not, the MOST major part in having a successful life; great relationships, a successful business, career, harmonious family life and so on.

In order to communicate and reach your optimum state of awareness, you need to be ultra observant. Ultra observant people will notice the smallest of  gestures, eye movement, changes in tone and breathing while still being aware of what is happening around them, how comfortable everyone else is in the room, what the other person may be feeling or even saying. Ultra observant people will notice changes in their environment, changes from last week and changes from even five minutes ago. They are always looking, feeling and acknowledging. They can manipulate situations and their environment to suit but just as importantly they can be sure when someone else is doing the same and perhaps even be prepared for that.

You never know when all this information may be useful. They can plan more effectively and not be taken by life’s river – the river of madness where you are being carried by the current and shown where to go. Observant people are always looking where to go, assessing the situation and re-evaluating the journey.

Decisions can be made effectively and the risk of poor decision making is minimised.