Hitting rock bottom

Just when you think it’s time to stop or give up, it’s probably the time to actually start!

After years of striving for what you always wanted in what only now feels like a previous life, you can quite easily understand how people become tired.

People grow tired of Pursuing dreams when there have been a number of changes in directions and obsticals in their way. You may have been there yourself or you may be there now; This is part of the journey.

We should always re-evaluate

It’s not a feeling of giving up or quitting, it’s just another time in your life that you re-evaluate. We should re-evaluate frequently.

Don’t feel discouraged by the chitter chatter in your mind saying, I’m tired now, I’ve been there, done it and got the T-Shirt. I don’t need to keep striving. I think it’s time to stop striving as there’s nothing I can do now, it didn’t work out.

That’s where you could be very wrong; you see, when we have lost and feel like we have been through it all, more often than not, we are at the peak of our game. We feel like we’ve hit rock bottom, we’re tired and possibly considering an entire life change but In actual fact, this is when you are most likely to succeed!Reaching new heights

Our journey is part of our growing. No two days are the same and no two decades are either. When you have gained the experiences necessary to really make some impact, it’s usually when you feel that you’ve lost everything or you’ve been through just about as much as you can take.

Realising it’s all helping us

The best feelings to have at this time are the combination of having lost but having gained. Nothing has been in vain. You are now armed with all you need to know. You have learnt from any failings, either your own or others around you. You know what works and what doesn’t; now with all your experience, what we want and what we don’t want becomes even more profound than ever before. We just have to ask ourselves the right questions and listen to ourselves intently.

With all of this newly found wisdom, we should now be able to pick up pace again. You are actually at a poignant moment in your life now and you just need to recognise it. Now you have been given the gift and with that gift, if you truly make a committed decision to achieve your goals, you will.

Are you built to rise?

So many successful people have hit rock bottom before their rise to great heights. From being bankrupt to loosing loved ones, you read the stories and listen to the tales and you find that most people who possess that true drive and determination have been at that poignant moment in life; the moment of true cross roads brought to you by life’s trials and tribulations.

I have been thankful for these moments in my life, as it is then, in that moment, when great things happen and the truth of my character is released.