Is it time?

Yes it’s time. It’s time whenever you decide it’s time.

I’m so glad you realised it was time when you did because there is not a day that goes by in my life that I am not super grateful for the choices I made at the time I made them.

You came to me in hope, you carefully selected the person you wanted to work with and you made the next vital steps in your life to create change.

João Lucas Costa is a client of mine and of course, I have his permission to be writing this.

As a global coach, therapist, trainer and founder of Team6 Motivation, I work with many people across the world so it was no surprise to me when I had a request from Brazil to work with a guy who wants to become a motivational speaker.

After the consultation, I could see so much potential in João that I couldn’t wait to start working with him.

But what about the disability?

Being disabled has made João’s journey tough. It’s a unique journey he is on with Spina Bifida. The hurdles have been mountains and the obsticals have been like brick walls.

A life time of bullying, side-effects from medication and negativity has left João with a depleted self-belief system so we have to work from the ground up.

I watched João the other day close his eyes and truly visualise his new life as a motivational speaker on stage stood next to another famous Motivational speaker. It was wonderful. He pictured and felt his new life for the first time without even being there yet and his self-belief grew in front of me just that little bit more.

Then we worked out a small plan, we discussed the industry, we talked about the country, his current job and his life-style. Fascinating how I could see the magic before me.

It’s not always easy and sometimes the discussions can bring back memories and be difficult for João but the more we work together, the more he believes in himself and can see a life plan unfolding.

He is such an inspiration. When speaking about the negative comments he has endured throughout his life, it became very apparent where the focus was. We turned the focus around to the amazing comments he has received from colleagues and friends and soon an inspirational keynote speaker was staring back at me.

Working on it

We all know that these things don’t just happen over night but to get the life-style change you are after along with the freedom you deserve, you need to start somewhere and at some time; that time is now with João.

I’m sharing his story with you all so that you can watch his path unfold. He has so much love and inspiration to give to the world. Hearing about his extreme sports that he participates in now when the doctors didn’t think he should be alive is a story that needs to be shared. It’s a story that many would gain strength and encouragement from and it’s a story that I want you to hear and share.

The pain he has gone through and the terrible feelings of rejection he has experienced as a disabled man of 37 who lives at home with his parents, makes me even more determined as his coach, business mentor, therapist and motivational leader to help him reach the stars. His mission – to help the world

His goal – to have independence for himself

His target – to earn enough money to support himself to give himself a chance of a happier life.

I will keep everyone updated about his progress in Brazil and hopefully one day in the not so distant future, João Lucas Costa will be flying over to the US and the UK to deliver his keynote.

We are working on the keynote now as there are language barriers but as soon as it’s fluent, you will see what an incredible man he is for stepping out of his comfort zone and reaching out.