louise2As Entrepreneurs or aspiring Entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to have a bundle of passion in what we believe in and a determination to get it but what we may not have noticed is our ‘why’

Not our ‘why’ as we’ve heard so many times before, as in our ‘need’ but our ‘why’ as in, why we keep going.
That ‘why’ is sheer belief.

That sheer belief, isn’t just because we have a strong belief in our product or service; it is what we have witnessed along our journey:

The people who have actioned their plan.
The successful people who have made it.
The people who talk of success but are yet to achieve.

Why it’s important to embrace successful people

If it wasn’t for the amount of successful people around us, we would not have the same belief system in ourselves and if it wasn’t for watching other people’s failings, we wouldn’t learn, where we could improve.

So why are there so many haters out there and most of the time, without just cause? Is it because, they themselves are unhappy with their own prospects?

A true Entrepreneur, being passionate for success, will feel more drive and determination from other people’s success stories. They will not venture outside of optimistic, when it is clear someone is succeeding in their own venture. Instead, they will feel fully engaged to hear how it has been achieved.
In order to learn, we need to listen and observe and success stories should do nothing more than reinstall our faith in the fact that it can be done.

Don’t be so quick to judge

Many people are quick to judge and cast negativity but the true Entrepreneur will fight through this with their determination and passion. Their belief in what they are doing should not alter due to the inconsistency of other people’s reactions. There will always be an inconsistency for as long as you are public.
The reason for this? Everybody is different!
This is a good thing. Everybody being different means that you have an edge, a USP (unique selling point) and can use your difference, to bring something new to the table.

Use all negativity as constructive feedback.

There will always be people that don’t agree or feel the need to put a damper on things but always question ‘why?’

Have they achieved their goals in life?
If not, it may be that they are jealous and want you to feel bad about your decisions. They may want you to become less confident and fail. This way, they feel better about their own failings.

Nobody should be rude or purposely put another down, so welcome constructive criticism or ideas but be clear that there is no place for demotivating negativity.
Your high tone nature as an Entrepreneur can frighten some people and make them feel a lack of achievement in their own lives, so it’s important not to take every negative undertone so personally. Perhaps you can also tread gently in your approach, where necessary.

Criticism improves us – Don’t let it hinder you

Many people will want to be brutally honest with you and may even feel that they know better, or have done better. Read between all the lines and take, yet again, all the criticism you can find as constructive.
Use the ditch, defer and develop technique that I speak about in my You Tube video and just take what you need.
This is just another hurdle along the road of an Entrepreneur. Rise above and show your true spirit.

Most people you come across that are truly successful themselves, have encountered a very similar path, so will have a deeper level of understanding and therefore be more respectful and positive. Others can feel anger at some people’s direction, whilst only sitting back and observing other people’s journeys.

Be the one who continues in your belief and passion. Not the observer.

~ Louise McClintock