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Peace At Last E-book baby/toddler sleep guide


A must-have sleep guide for parents wanting to show their baby or toddler how to sleep through the night.

Read on if you need your sleep and are ready to commit to a proven strategy that you can adopt immediately.

Product Description

Peace At Last – A sleep guide for parents

Sleep guide

Ever wondered why your baby/toddler isn’t sleeping through the night?

Tired of expensive coaching and sleep programs?

Not a fan of the ‘Cry it out’ method?

Perhaps you should take a look at this very honest, informative and effective sleep guide put together for you by Coach, Therapist, Author and Mother, Louise McClintock. There’s nothing else like it!

It gets right to the point with some extremely useful tips and Louise’s TOP SECRET success strategy. It’s no longer a top secret and is readily available to anyone wanting to get results and more importantly, get some sleep.

In this sleep guide for babies and toddlers you will learn the key elements to a successful nights sleep but more importantly, you will be helping your baby to learn and develop core skills for a long-term solution.

Let me explain

I would have put this guide together a long time ago but I’ve been super busy catching up on life since my baby has been sleeping through the night 7pm-7am. It was on my to-do list to help other parents who are having trouble helping their baby/toddler sleep through the night

Breast feeding?

If you are breast feeding your baby and are having night troubles then this is definitely the E-book guide for you as it is focused on breast-fed babies, however it is packed full of tips and a proven strategy which can even help bottle fed babies/toddlers. There is so much honest and useful information inside that could potentially be life-changing for both breast-fed and bottle-fed babies.

You can start this proven strategy immediately

All the information is here at your fingertips.

No expensive programs, no ‘crying it out’, no affiliates, no consultants trying to make more money by recruiting other consultants to sell a service – just a plain guide which could help you right now. There is nothing else like it out there. Louise’s secret ingredient was thought up by herself having  had the time and inclination to adapt with her baby and observe his needs throughout every stage. Hours, days, weeks and months of research, hundreds of conversations, tens of books and an intuition alongside a coaching, therapy and motivational  background is what makes this easy-to-read, simple but yet super effective guide priceless.

What Louise has to say

This E-book guide for parents who are desperate for their baby or toddler to get a good nights sleep has been written with so much thought and honesty. It gives you a real insight into what I have done with my little one in order to conquer those restless nights. It also gives you an insight into what is real. Yes real!!!

You’ve got this!


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