Where From Here? The Ultimate Guide To Positivity

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Where From Here? The Ultimate Guide To Positivity

Author: Louise McClintock

Product Description

Where From Here?

Where From Here? is an incredible journey. The ultimate guide to positivity. 

Louise McClintock has been through much adversity and now uncovers the true reasons she was able to follow a path to success in her recently published paperback.

Where From Here? talks through a number of techniques that can change your perspective and reality enabling you to make clearer and more fulfilling life-changing decisions.

Lead the life you desire and deserve.

Don’t feel trapped by your story and circumstances.

Through the journey, Louise explains her thought processes during loosing her eye in a night club and years later, loosing her brother to suicide.

A simple way to understand what changes need to be made in order to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Where From Here? Is also available on Amazon, in Daunt Books and in Brandon Books.


What people are saying

“This book helped me changed my direction. It is direct and to the point and made simple so I found it easy to follow”  – Mary Jane

“I have never read a book by a fellow peer that impressed me and impressed upon me so much. Well written and with such integrity” – Kate Guest



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