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I’m glad you’re here.

There’s so much one-to-one support available through Team6 Motivation and our brand new, exciting online coaching suite without you  having to pay huge coaching fees. It’s a game-changer!


It’s not just for those on an exciting business journey, it’s for you too if you’re looking for help and support on your personal development journey. We are here to offer mental health and well-being support.

Connect with a therapist and coach to help you overcome your issues and hurdles. We want to offer you support at anytime from anywhere. We are here to help you overcome those obstacles.

Are you aspiring to be or already on your journey as a Motivational Speaker or coach? If so, then look out for a stream of great tips alongside your unique and tailored coaching experience.

Access our exclusive membership group where you will receive tailored content, have coaching and support at any time from anywhere.

We are dedicated to your journey.

You also get to advertise what you do to fully utilise this platform. Send your stories in to be featured in our quarterly newsletters and join forces with incredible people who are here to help you become that success story and live the life you are trying to create.

Subscribe now to become part of this cost-effective GLOBAL coaching platform and receive a personal experience that could change your life. Our aim is to provide you with online support and offer you great content tailored to your needs to save you time and money.

Come and join us! I look forward to working with you!

Louise x

Product Description

A space for everyone who wants support

It’s for you on your business journey but scroll down for more about how we help you on your personal development journey too by offering mental health and well-being support.

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Exclusive access to a suite of information, support, tips and advice. This platform is all about YOU and your journey but if you have something to offer the community then please do so. All the support is welcome here from around the world.

The ultimate platform to reap the benefits of one-to-one coaching without spending a fortune.

Post anytime, ask questions, receive support, advertise within the group your expertise, help others and be helped on your journey by Louise McClintock, Life/Business Coach, NLP Therapist, Author and Motivational Speaker.

Team6 Motivation is dedicated to you and your journey!

Exclusive Content

All our live content is exclusive for subscribers only meaning you are getting access to tailored live videos, posts and downloads to help you on your personal and business journey.

Updates given tailored to suit group members. Get involved and post your questions whenever and from wherever and get support. We will do everything we can to help you in many areas of your life and business journey from confidence, business growth and goal setting to stress management, time management and new, creative ideas to tickle your senses.

It’s not just for businesses! Mental Health & Well-being support is available here for you

Team6 Motivation Support

Team6 Motivation has a Motivational Leaders Program and anyone who is a part of that program will also be offering support to the group with their qualified and specific skill sets.

Network in a confidential and supportive environment. access support from dedicated professionals, book extra one-to-one sessions and feel great about your journey. Be inspired and help us to inspire others.

Great content, great leaders and great support available at your fingertips every day. Join us now and be apart of the amazing adventure that focuses on YOU!



  •  Are you aspiring to be or already on your journey as a Motivational Speaker or coach? If so, then look out for a stream of great tips alongside your unique and tailored coaching experience.
  • Are you on a personal or business journey where you want to discuss your ideas with someone other than your friends and family?
  • Are you looking for support and encouragement from professionals who can listen, understand and support you and your next steps?
  • Want to create some serious goals and achieve them?

Work with us step-by-step!

Get featured and advertise

Send your stories into Team6 Motivation to be featured in our quarterly newsletters which are available on our website and sent out to our subscribers, mailing lists and advertised through our social media platforms, free and paid.

All of this for just £37.99 per month.

The cost-effective coaching experience with unlimited support.

As soon as you have subscribed, you will receive a welcome email with the group link. Click on the link to add yourself as a member and your subscription will be approved within 24 hours so you can start to communicate online.

I am looking forward to personally welcoming you and working alongside you on your journey to success!





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